About This Course

A Leader’s Spirituality addresses the question, “How can I be an authentic and spiritually fruitful leader for Christ?” This course combines Church teaching on the mission of the laity with a practical psycho-spiritual approach that helps you to go beyond an intellectual understanding of faith and encounter Christ in the practical struggles of leadership.

The course consists of a series of pre-recorded and live session recordings of Ann as she brings us the course content described below. Upon registration, you may view the content in your own time. As the emphasis of this course is on deepening your awareness with God & Self, the praxis exercises are meant to be done reflectively on your own.

You may also wish to invite your family, friends or community to embark on the this course together so that you can further deepen your learning experience with self-facilitated sharing. (Each participant will need his/her own individual registration and access.) 

Besides the videos, there are also journal worksheet exercises for your personal use, a Q&A archive from previous live Zoom sessions and curated resources for your follow-up reflection, praxis and spiritual deepening that support you after this course.

ALS' videos and readings will address four inter-connected dimensions of the interior and integrated life of a disciple-leader:

1. The indispensable necessity of an interior life and how it empowers us to live out eternal truths in temporal life and leadership.

2. The three layers of life that we need to integrate in order to lead with confidence from our core identity in Christ.

3. Three common temptations for leaders to be motivated by relevance, popularity, and power and how these attack our wounded core identity;

4. The path to discovering our own authentic gifts as a leader by progressively discerning and fully living our unique and unrepeatable personal vocation. 

The recordings are interactive and include journaling and reflection breaks.

Full engagement with the curriculum will give you the practical knowledge on how to begin leading more contemplatively and mindfully out of your true identity in Christ. 


This is a special offer made available through the Catholic Leadership Centre (Singapore) (payment via bank transfer to CLC only) and includes 6 months of access to the digital product for you to complete the course.



This option provides you with access throughout the life-time of this digital product including any future updates, live Q&A sessions, new resources as well as an audio version of the course for easy listening.


Past Participants Say...

Inspiring & Actionable! I managed to take action on some areas of work that needed my leadership and attention on, and session 3 really unravelled the areas of both negative and positive emotions that were hidden that made me act! Im so grateful! And please do this more Ann!

This is an essential course for all Catholics who want to understand and live their life as God intended, to the fullest.

It is a timely accompaniment to a leadership context I'm in. The praxis element and pacing allows for internalisation and acting out the lessons.

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