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Ann holds a HonsB.Sc. in Philosophy and Psychology from St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto. Upon graduation Ann received the Mercier-Knowlton Prize in Philosophy in Christianity & Culture as well as a Silver Medal in Psychology for her  academic achievements.

Ann also holds a M.A. in Philosophy of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT), and was in the midst of pursuing her doctorate when the Lord called her to change paths.

"Your podcast is such a gift! You have such a calm demeanour, holding space for things we usually do not articulate. A balm to the soul!"



Ann has over 14 years of experience in human and spiritual formation in the Catholic Church in Singapore. She served as Director, Youth & Young Adults Office in the Church of St Mary of the Angels and started the first parish-based Office for New Evangelisation in Singapore in 2012.

In 2014, Ann left full-time parish employment to focus on speaking about the interior life and meeting individuals & small groups for spiritual conversation and formation.  

Ann has spoken at archdiocesan events,  PPC retreats, RCIA sponsor trainings, small community formation sessions, leadership team formations and parish recollections. 

Since 2021 Ann has focused on developing in-depth integrated formation for the individual's interior journey towards authenticity and wholeness in Christ with a special attention towards self-knowledge and discernment of personal vocation.

"Ann is a very insightful trainer who powerfully demonstrates through her life story what she shares and hopes for us to grow in. This inspires me to seek my own personal vocation."



In 2020, Ann started the Becoming Me Podcast to reach more people who desire a life of greater authenticity and wholeness. This podcast is a free formation resource and is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts as well as at its own website.

Ann also founded Parrhesia, her consultative-coaching practice, to offer her experience and knowledge to individuals who desire deeper integration and healing.

In 2021, Ann decided to niche down in the digital space and founded IntegrŨ Formation, an online digital platform for all her formation material and resources.

What You Get

As a speaker, Ann is known for her warm personality, clarity in communication, and knack for engaging audiences in both mind and heart. She draws upon her inter-disciplinary learning and practical life experiences in philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and Catholic theology / spirituality to make profound concepts simple and relatable. 

As a consultant and coach, Ann is known for her creative and accurate insights into life situations and her ability to help clients advance in self-knowledge and holistic personal, spiritual and emotional growth through compassionate truth-telling. 

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