Why do we lack clarity about our life direction? In my experience both in my own life and in the lives of the people I have accompanied, the many reasons for our lack of clarity can often be summed up in this sentence: We do not know how to LISTEN to our lives.

We try to fit moulds that we are not designed to fit, mimicking models of 'success' that others have achieved and we fail to be attentive to the ways we are gifted. Our lack of attentiveness and understanding about our unique design often causes us unnecessary frustration with ourselves when we desire to live with integrity and compassion in the world.

The Clarity Consultative-Coaching Package is a 8-session foundational private coaching curriculum that is designed to empower you in listening to your life. I will teach you a simple framework of listening more deeply and becoming more self-aware of your interior landscape and bring you through the Motivation Code (MCODE)™ and in-depth MBTI® Step II assessments to clarify your unique motivational design, personality & temperament.

The last two sessions of this coaching package will be focused on helping you integrate what you have learned about yourself and identify effective 'next steps' to take in your quest of becoming your True Self and living out the unique calling God has given you.

If you are interested in this product, please book an Exploratory Integrative Life Consultation (E-ILC) with me so that we can ascertain that this coaching package is a right fit for what you in this season.

Book an Exploratory Integrative Life Consultation (E-ILC)

Would you like to move from superficial living to living with intentionality, purpose, and passion? I can help you learn more about the unique ways that you are motivated and gifted to live, relate, navigate, and serve in the world.


Ann Yeong is a Level 2 certified Motivation Code™ Coach and a certified Global MBTI® Step II practitioner. She uses both instruments to help clients develop deeper knowledge of their unique motivational design, temperament and personality so that they can work with deeper integrity, passion and purpose.


Interested in the CLARITY Consultative-Coaching Package? Please book an Exploratory Integrative Life Consultation (E-ILC) session with me to see if this product is right for you.