Resources for Hurting Catholics



If you are hurting, bewildered, angry and grieving because of scandal in the Church, here are some resources I have put together with prayer and discernment to help you in some small way. Let us remember that God walks with us in our pain and that He will show us how to live our faith more deeply in the midst of crisis if we let Him!

Authenticity & Integrity in Times of Scandal

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How do we maintain our course towards greater authenticity and integrity when our Church is rocked by scandal?

In this video I talk about how important it is to acknowledge and include our emotions in our response instead of denying, repressing, or bypassing them.

I also share some tips and resources that can help with processing our complex thoughts and emotions in these challenging times.

We Need To Talk About Bruno 

Read about why we need to break the silence in order for healing to begin. 

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Welcome, Hurting One

A Safe Online Space to Process

I created this Padlet for hurting Catholics who have no place to begin processing how they feel over this recent scandal that has affected our Church in Singapore. 

This resource is based on a framework I created for my coaching clients - if you follow the steps, it will help you untangle your interior space and become more attuned to your inner self in this time of great strain.

You don't need an account. You can just click and post anonymously. Do read the Welcome Letter as well as the Guidelines for engagement so that we can keep this an emotionally safe and hospitable space for all who need it. 

All honest emotions and thoughts are welcome. This is a space where we can listen to ourselves and one another in solidarity as the wounded Body of Christ.

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If you want to know what YOU can DO, read this book!

When scandal happens in our Church, it is not only the event that hurts the Body of Christ but how it is subsequently handled.

Going even further than that, we need to understand the larger culture that we are all part of which keeps us - as Church - from giving a truly priestly, prophetic, and kingly response as baptised Christians.

This excellent book (introduced to me through a series of talks given by Fr Chris Soh SJ) is an eye-opener and a must read for any faithful Catholic who wish to step up more fully into their discipleship and be a witness.

What is clericalism? How does it contribute to a lack of accountability and healing when harm happens? How does it keep the majority of the baptised "passive" instead of being the priests, prophets and kings Christ has anointed us to be?

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

Clericalism: The Death of Priesthood


Here are the podcast episodes I mentioned in the video Authenticity & Integrity in Times of Scandal.